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New PV!
Hello people! I saw this community was still a bit alive!

I stayed a fan of PlC after all those years and went to see the anniversaries live (and I forgot to check here to see if anyone was going; I haven't used livejournal in 5 years).

So hem, I just wanted to say I made a facebook group for PlC Fans calll Magical Fans, if anyone is interested to join, please tell me :3.

I'll probably come sometimes on LJ just to see if people post here.

And seriously people. More shows, mabye more costumes?
And a new single and they are Majors again? Are you all excited? Do you think the fact they are major again would imply this is more than a temporary reunion O.o?

I have an extra ticket for the 2/11 Wed. live and two extra tickets for the 2/14 Sat. live from the most recent lottery, so if you need tickets let me know. I'm selling the tickets for the original price 6,800 yen each without any of the service fees so you'd actually save a little rather than chance the general sales on 12/20. :)

The tickets won't be printed or mailed to me until closer to the live but are reserved and paid for thru the Eplus link on the official homepage. Because of that, I don't know how good the numbers/seats are, but some of us from the comm are going as a group so you wouldn't be alone.

Bands such as: Dir en grey, Psycho le Cemu, D'espairs Ray, Malice Mizer, Rentrer en soi, LM.C, Phantasmagoria, MUCC, BLOOD, Buck-Tick, deathgaze, lynch., Polysics, sadie, a fact of life, born, moi dix moi, quaff, girugamesh, an cafe, miyavi, D, L'arc en ciel, Aya Maatsura, and more.

For more info please check it out here @ lordofshadowz. Feel free to check out my other items on sale.

Bands included are: Dir en grey, Psycho le Cemu, D'espairs Ray, Malice Mizer, 12012, and many more.
Added: Dir en grey items such as DVDs, Magazines, Doujinshi, stickers, CD's, Psycho le cemu items such as, Magazines, figurines, CD's, also added Creeper Shoes

Please come check it out here @ lordofshadowz
I know this community is somewhat defunct, but I thought there might still be people around who are interested in some of this.

Posters are in excellent to very good condition; any substantial damage will be noted. Shipping is additional. Calendars and laminated poster will have to be shipped in a poster roll, but if you want I can fold the Daishi poster and put it in an envelope. I am willing to negotiate on prices for people buying more than one poster at a time. Thank you!

Posters of more bands this way: http://jrockforsale.livejournal.com/744567.html

Calendars and postersCollapse )


MANGA & ANIME: Sakura Taisen, Tokyo Babylon, Yaoi Manga, FAKE complete series, X, DIGIMON
PSYCHO LE CEMU TOUR MERCH: Tour bags, tour pencil bag
JROCK CDS, DVDS, POSTER: Dir en grey, D'espairs Ray, SIGNED Rentrer en soi CD, and some freebies
OTHER JROCK MERCH Keychains, pins,hide action figure set, and MORE.

Find it all at lordofshadowz

Go check it out guys might find something you like.