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I have an extra ticket for the 2/11 Wed. live and two extra tickets for the 2/14 Sat. live from the most recent lottery, so if you need tickets let me know. I'm selling the tickets for the original price 6,800 yen each without any of the service fees so you'd actually save a little rather than chance the general sales on 12/20. :)

The tickets won't be printed or mailed to me until closer to the live but are reserved and paid for thru the Eplus link on the official homepage. Because of that, I don't know how good the numbers/seats are, but some of us from the comm are going as a group so you wouldn't be alone.
Ack! So jealous! I know another comm member you may vaguely remember got a ticket to one show, but she was hoping to go to all three. I'll ask her on Monday if she's interested.
Well, if you find a magic carpet to ride on over you'd be set! lol

Awesome, thanks!