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サイコ・ル・シェイム - Psycho le Cému

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Dedicated to the now disbanded Japanese Rock band, Psycho le Cemu.
Psycho le Cému is one of the most innovative bands to come out of the indies scene into majordom since the visual kei boom back in 1998. They're definitely not your average visual kei band. Let's support them in their blatant dorkiness! >.< !


1. Anything you post must be PLC related.
(Lyrics, Translations, Scans, News, Fan Art, Cosplay, Sales of PLC stuff, etc. RP posts are not related to PLC.)

2. All images must be put behind an LJ-cut.

3. No introductory posts.

4. No requests.
(This includes, but is not limited to... PV's, mp3's, scans, screen captures, where to buy things, etc.)

5. All file-sharing posts must be locked.
(YouSendIt, Bittorrent, etc.)

6. Please edit your original post if updating information about an uploaded file.
(If you are not the original poster, please comment to that post instead.)

7. Read the FAQ.
(Just scroll down, you can't miss it.)

A more detailed description of the rules can be found in this post and this post.

B A N D  S T A T U S

As of their May 2006 tour through Japan, Psycho le Cému has officially stopped activities. The members continue to be active in various pursuits:

// Lida & YURA-sama in Dacco

// DAISHI in The Romeo.

// AYA & seek in Mix Speaker's Inc.

// YURA-sama continues his AlaStar shows

// Lida has also teamed with with michi. from SQF to form michi.with Mach LiDARZ

// seek has his own internet radio show, Fish Dance Hour and maintains his own blog

FAQ If you're new, please read!
Where can I find out more about the band?
Memories from this LJ community, a lot of information has been shared these last two years
SuperCosplayBand.com - unofficial site maintained by positivespace, detailed history, discography, cosplay gallery, lyrics and more
kami no niwa [version 2] - created by community-creator wagashi, no longer updated but contains translations of old interviews, discography

Where can I buy their stuff?
GuruGuru - some items come with GuruGuru exclusives
J-XYZ - good place to find back issues of magazines
Nippon Export
Third Stage - Japanese used/new CD store, English site, ships overseas
YesAsia - based in the US
PLC Web Market - (Japanese) You'll need to use an errand/shopping service to purchase from here.

Where can I find songs, PV's, etc.?
You'd be amazed on what you can find on YouTube.

Where can I find lyrics?
Iankunx's PLC Lyrics Archive - maintained by iankunx; romaji, kanji & translations
Gimogimo29's Homepage - kanji lyrics for most of their releases; click on the album you want to see lyrics from inside the keitai screen at the right
kimagure.nu - maintained by shirabe; romaji & translations
SuperCosplayBand.com - romaji, kanji, translations

Where can I find pictures?
Avatarity - avatars
Invasion Dream - magazine scans
Prism: Psycho le Cému Fanlisting - avatars
Public Eyes - magazine scans
ParanoidCitroid - wallpapers
Photobucket Gallery - tons of scans, screen caps
magicalscans For scans, screen caps, etc.

Remember, don't hotlink from any of these sites and please respect their wishes regarding usage. Most, if not all, of the galleries you'll find online are run by overseas fans as it's considered against copyright law in Japan to post pictures like these online.

How can I learn PLC para para?
Again, YouTube.

Are there any other PLC-related LJ communities?
magical_dancing AYA
heroic_daishi DAISHI
lida_lovers Lida
fishyseek seek
otokomae YURA-sama

dacco_fans Dacco community
magicalscans For scans, screen caps, etc
plc_cosplay For PLC cosplayers
saikon For all your random PLC fandom needs!
synectics Primarily translations of Lida, seek's, AYA's and YURA-sama's journals from the former SYNECTICS site

The pink-haired one, AYA... she's pretty hot!
AYA is not a girl. He's a guy.

Now that we've cleared that up, enjoy talking with other Psycho fans. :D

Special thanks to petite_yuki for designing our current layout!