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I wa wondering if someone would post the new here. I'm kind of nostalgic. Wenn the band were still active, this LJ was blooming as well. I don't know if I will be able to go, the craziest thing is, I'm planning to go to Japan in the summer, so I have to see if it will be possible to go before...
Yeah, long time no see, peeps!

Some of the comm members are now living in Japan or willing to make the trip out and we've already reserved our tickets for a get together and see the guys rock out. :)

I haven't kept up with them much since the 10th Anniversary lives except for Daishi. I really liked The Romeo and often when to their lives, but then they split. Then there was a rumor he was dating some actress. Now he's doing a new band, but I haven't really heard any of their stuff or gone out to a show.
a late answer from me. (I still was unsure I will be able to make the trip) I'm going to the 14th and 15th show. I going alone though, I would not mind to meet some people there.

I actually followed Mix Speaker's and the Romeo, I've seen Ninjaman Japan when they went in Japan Expo in France, but I also have to say I'm not that updated as before ^^